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How to Upload and Install RPGLIB (formerly RPG xTools)
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Published: 08 Feb 2011
Revised: 04 Aug 2011 - 1391 days ago
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How to Upload and Install RPGLIB (formerly RPG xTools) Published by: Bob Cozzi on 08 Feb 2011 view comments

Setup and Installation Instructions

RPGxTools Save File Upload Routine

© Copyright 2003-2009 by Robert Cozzi, Jr.

To install RPGLIB on your System i, you need to upload the save file to the System i, using BINARY FTP transfer--to an existing save file. The following steps illustrate the steps needed to accomplish this task. If you already know how to do this, you may skip steps and jump to the Host Install Instructions.

PLEASE NOTE: This release of RPGLIB should be installed into a library named RPGLIB.

To install RPGLIB onto your AS/400 or iSeries, you will need access to both a PC/Mac/Linux workstation and a green screen Command Entry display.

  • Use FTP to transfer the downloaded save file to your iSeries.
  • Command Entry is used on the iSeries to restore the product's library from the new save file.

Before transferring the save file to your iSeries create a save file on your iSeries system. Sign on to your AS/400 or iSeries and go to a command entry display or command line window.

On your AS/400 or iSeries run the following CL command to create the save file.


If the FTP server is NOT running on your system, start it by issuing the following CL command:


On your PC (any PC platform should work)

  • Start FTP and connect to your AS/400 or iSeries.

/*  Where is the name of your iSeries. Note that on some systems, the IP address must be used.  */

  • Enter your FTP user ID and Password when prompted (it will be the same as your iSeries User ID and Password).
  • Run the following two FTP commands:
	quote site namefmt 1
	cd /qsys.lib/qgpl.lib

At this point the AS/400/iSeries naming convention is established and the QGPL library is set to the current library.

Now you need to determine where the save file is located on your PC. A good place to store this type of file is in a directory named C:\TEMP or something similar since shorter directory names are easier to work with in FTP. If you haven't already done so, make sure the RPGLIB.savf file you downloaded and extracted from the RPGLIB.ZIP file is stored in a known directory on your PC.

Enter the following FTP command to switch to the directory containing the RPGLIB save file. Be sure to use the directory where the .savf file is located on your PC. If the directory contains blanks, as in C:\My Documents\Downloads, you must prefix the directory with quote (") character.

	lcd  "c:\my documents\downloads

You are now ready to upload the save file. First, you need to tell FTP to transfer the file unmodified, that is as a binary file rather than a plain ASCII text file. If you skip this step the save file's data will be corrupted.

Enter the following FTP command:


You are now ready to begin the transfer. Remember, the save file is over 8 megabytes and may take a few minutes upload.

Enter the following FTP command to send the save file to your AS/400/iSeries system.

	PUT  RPGLIB.savf 

This command will start the transfer. Depending on the FTP software you're using you may or may not see a status message indicating the progress.

After a successful FTP transfer, you should end your FTP session by closing the window.

Enter the following FTP command:


On some PC platforms, the BYE command is used instead of QUIT. If the QUIT command fails, issue the BYE command as follows:

	# # #

Host Installation Steps

These steps are to be performed on the host System i.

On the iSeries enter the following CL command:


You may restore the library to another library name, but the RPGLIB and CGILIB service programs must be run from the library into which they are restored. If you use a library other than RPGLIB, you will need to change the binding directory entry in the RPGLIB binding directory to point to the new library name. It is shipped with an entry of RPGLIB/RPGLIB and RPGLIB/CGILIB.

At this point RPGLIB for IBM i has installed on your system.

Retrieving a License Key

To complete the installation you must enter a license key (trial or permanent).

A permanent license key for paid customers may be acquired from our Request License Key web page 24 hours a day except when the system is down (rarely):

A trial license key is available for 30 days of unrestricted use. Trial keys are available at the same URL as permanent license keys, that is

Registering Your Software

In order to receive a license key, you need to register your copy of RPGLIB and your System i serial number. Once you register, you may immediately retrieve a trial license key. To register, please visit this web address:

Your License Key should be entered as follows: your licensed product (trial or paid license) using the following example:


Where A through H represent the components of your software license key.


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