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RPG Open - Documentation Group
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Published: 08 Feb 2011
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RPG Open - Documentation Group Published by: Bob Cozzi on 08 Feb 2011 view comments

RPG Open - Documentation

RPG Open is a free, open source add-on library for the IBM i RPG IV programming language. It was created in the Fall of 2009 by Bob Cozzi, author of the book "The Modern RPG IV Language" and a consultant to IBM on the original RPG IV Language design.

Each subprocedure provided in this package is available by including the corresponding /INCLUDE member in the user's RPG IV program source and binding to the RPGOPEN binding directory. A great example of this is contained in the highlighted source lines below:


     Fcustmast  IF   E           K DISK    EXTFILE('WHSE/CUSTMAST')
     F                                     PREFIX('C.')
      /include rpgopen/qcpysrc,joblog
      /include rpgopen/qcpysrc,cvtcase
      /include rpgopen/qcpysrc,icomp
      /include rpgopen/qcpysrc,dates
      /include rpgopen/qcpysrc,concat
      D C               DS                  LikeRec(CUSTREC) Inz 
      D email           S             80A   Varying 
            read custmast;
            dow NOT %eof();
                email = cvtcase(;  // Convert the email address to all lowercase characters
                sendmail(email : from : msgText);
              read custmast;
            *INLR = *ON;

The best way to get RPG OPEN is to download the ZIP file from It includes all the source code, compiled and ready to go. If you prefer a source code only option, you can download each individual source member or view them online, again at The documentation is included here, on Search for the specific subprocedure name or bookmark this ClassAnova Group index page to get to the index of all RPG OPEN Subprocedures' documentation.

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