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Published: 08 Feb 2011
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RPG Open - Documentation Group Published by: Bob Cozzi on 08 Feb 2011 view comments

RPG Open

iComp - Compare Two Character String - Ignoring Case Differences

Syntax Diagram

bool = iComp( compValue1 : compValue2 );

The iComp subprocedure returns *ON or *OFF depending on the results of the comparison. The two input values are compared, ignoring upper/lower case differences. If the two values are identical (ignoring case differences) *ON is returned. If differences are detected, *OFF is returned.

            if iComp(searchValue : compname);
                // values compare okay.

In this example, the search field named SEARCHVALUE is compared with the data in the COMPNAME field. Upper/Lower case differences are ignored and the IF conditional statement is performed based on the results of the iComp() comparison.

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