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Published: 08 Feb 2011
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RPG Open - Documentation Group Published by: Bob Cozzi on 08 Feb 2011 view comments

RPG Open

GetGMT - Get Greenwich Mean Time

Syntax Diagram

timestamp = getGMT( [ timeStamp ] );

The getGMT subprocedure returns the GMT equivalent of the input timeStamp value. If not input timeStamp value is specified, the current system timestamp is used.

This subprocedure converts the input timestamp value into the GMT equivalent by adding the UTC Offset to the timestamp. Since both the date and time may change during the conversion, a full TimeStamp value must be specified. The special value %TIMESTAMP() may be specified to indicate that the current system timestamp is used--but it is also the default for this subprocedure.

            cookieExpDate = getGMT(%timeStamp() + %minutes(30) );  // Returns GMT + 30 minutes

The two primary uses for GETGMT are:

  1. To return the current time in GMT for reporting purposes.
  2. To create an expiration time for Web Browser Cookies (used in CGI/Web programming).

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